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Friday Finish of Sorts

I didn't get a whole top done as I spent my sewing studio time quilting that commission quilt.  It's slow going.  Some of the blocks have a border around them before the sashing.  So, I'm concentrating on doing those before I go onto the actual sashing.  It won't have an outer border.  It's a bit lighter than it looks, however this is what I get when I take a photo at night.

So for my breaks in between quilting sessions I made a couple of blocks.  This first one is a pink one for the 2017 RSC challenge.
The second block is one I saw at Angela's linky party, and I liked it so much I visited the blog from which it was posted and found the directions for it. Thought it was a great block for scraps.  I may embroider or applique something in the center unit. Still thinking about that.
Both of these measure 9 1/2" square.  The blue one came together as a leader and ender creation as I made the pink block. I see two WIPs being added to the pile. Such is life.


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